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You were Denied, now What?

Posted on February 21st, 2012

Unfortunately, we hear this story too often – My claim got denied!

Do you know the steps you need to take when you get a claim denied?

We found this Youtube video that shows an example of extensive property damage and the response from the insurance company. We did not make this video, and cannot certify the authenticity of the facts; however, it clearly demonstrates a point that a professional Public Adjuster can be very helpful in reponding to denials of insurance claims and going at it alone is a tough battle.

If you made a claim on your homeowners insurance and it has been denied, don’t give up. The following are a list of things for you to do, in order to keep your claim active and possibly reverse the decision.

1. Don’t take NO as the final decision – You stand a good chance of winning if you fight back. A very small percentage of claimants inquire about the decision when it is denied. However, a high percentage of the ones that fight back get positive results.

2. Make sure you get it in writing – Get a written explanation of the reasons for rejecting the claim. It is a legal requirement in the State of Florida to have a written explanation of why they are denying your claim.

3. Call a Public Adjuster – A Public Adjuster can assist you in fighting your denial. They will check your policy and look for anything that does not add up. Checking your policy against the reason for denial can help with your appeal.

A Public Adjuster will also check for claim processing errors. For instance, if you filed your claim form incorrectly, an insurance company may hold it against you and refuse to pay. A Public Adjuster will help you correct these errors and resubmit your claim.

When you hire a Public Adjuster, many times they may increase the amount you will receive from your claim. They charge a small percentage of the claim recovery and do not get paid unless you get paid.

A Public Adjuster is an expert who works exclusively for you the policyholder. So it is in your best interest to contact a public adjuster at Stellar Public Adjusting to discuss your claim. Less than 10% of people who have their claim denied inquire about a rejected claim.

Over 50% of the ones that do inquire and hire Stellar Public Adjusting get favorable results.

Did you receive a denial from your homeowner’s insurance company? Call Stellar Public Adjusting at 305-396-9110.

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